Flow Technologies is well equipped with our expertise and equipment to repair or service all types of pumps back to their optimized conditions.

Assembling of End-Suction Pumps
Assembling of Split Casing Pump after Repairs
Repairing of Rotary Vane Pump
Mechanical Seal Repairs

Flow Technologies repairs and services all types and makes of mechanical seals. We have equipment to restore mechanical seal to its good service conditions. We also perform analysis to improve the life of each mechanical seal.

Mechanical Seal before Repair / Reconditioning
Multi-Stage Pump
Analyzing/Reverse Engineering of Mechanical Seal
Electric Motor Repairs

We can repair all types electric motors used commonly for pumps, blowers and other applications. Our service includes replacement of bearings, metal cladding or rebuilding of worn-out areas of motor rotor and housings; rewinding of motor coils and many more.

Trouble-shooting of Electric Motor
Motor after Rewinding of New Coils
Electric Motor after Repair
Pump Skids

We fabricate pump skids like chemical dosing skids, booster pump skids according to customers’ specifications and requirements.

Centrifugal Pump Skid with Tank
Centrifugal Booster Water Pump Skid
Chemical Dosing Pump Skid
End-Suction Pump Skid
Pump Parts

With full fledge manufacturing facility with advanced CNC machines, Flow Technologies has the abilities to fabricate precision parts used on pumps, valves, blowers, compressors, etc at quick turn around. We are capable to produce parts from various ferrous and non-ferrous to engineered materials like PEEK, Tungsten carbide, Silicon Carbide, ceramic and many others.

Parts for Centrifugal Pumps
Parts for Valves and Actuators
Parts for Gear Pumps


We supply materials and complete parts in several grades of materials as follows.

Ferrous Materials

Chemical/Wear resistant alloys likes Hastalloy, Alloy 20, Duplex and Super Duplex and Titanium

Non-ferrous Materials

Brass, Bronze, Aluminium Bronze and Aluminium


PEEK, Tungsten carbide, Silicon carbide, Ceramic, Engineered plastics and many others